Friday humour - July 11, 1997

     From Tony at Bluehaze:

  I ended up at Clayton all day on Friday, and got so sidetracked that I
forgot to pass these on (courtesy Mike Horne).  BTW - I will be back at
Port Monday.

A summary of some alternative interpretations of common medical terms:

ARTERY - The study of fine painting

BARIUM - What you do when the medical process fails

CAESAREAN SECTION - A district of Rome


DILATE - To live long

A MINOR OPERATION - Digging coal

MORBID - A higher offer

NODE - Was aware of

POST OPERATIVE - A letter carrier

URINE - Opposite of "You're out"

CAT SCAN - Search for kitty

CAUTERISE - Made eye contact with a girl

ENEMA - Not a friend

FIBULA - Small lie

GENITAL - Not a Jew

IMPOTENT - Distinguished

LABOUR PAIN - Getting hurt at work

PAP SMEAR - A fatherhood test

RECTUM - Darn near killed 'em

SEIZURE - A Roman emperor

TERMINAL ILLNESS - Getting sick at the airport

[ End Fri humour ]

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