Friday humour - May 16, 1997

     From Tony at Bluehaze:

This one's courtesy of David - one of my ex-collegues from Boral Elevators:

There was this painter who got hired by a well-to-do homeowner.  He arrived
in the morning to receive instructions.  The homeowner invited him in and
spelled out the task:

"I want you to paint the porch out front.  I bought the paint for you and
it's the best.  Once it's on - it'll never come off.  I expect this to take
you all day but I am willing to pay very well."

About halfway through the day the painter came back - he was done.

"Wow, you're done?  Great.  Here's the money and a big tip for doing the job
so fast."

The painter replied, "Wow cash - thanks.  Oh by the way -  that's not a
Porsche out front.  It's a Mercedes."
[ End Fri humour ]

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